Jesus Music was formed on Vancouver Island (And Protection Island) British Columbia 

….. at the start of the COVID freak-out. 


Within the first month (and a half) release, the first CD NUMBER ONE has been playlist and featured on radio in 59 Countries worldwide.

Jesus Music is presently broadcast fro 54 Nations (that we know of).


Paul Roland Gogo (Gogo) had a touring break with TROOPER (Playing keyboards) and invited his nieces, bass player and choir director to sing on a batch of NEW tunes ! 


The music celebrates THE ARISEN LORD, and we are having a gas with it ! 


It is all recorded with Mac Logic using a wide variety of Instruments including ROLAND INTEGRA, 

Electric violin, 12-string guitar, baritone mandolin, 

Whistles and bells….not in that order. 


Singers include:

Paul Roland Gogo 

Scott Brown (vocals) 

Andréa  L'Heureux 

Jena Gogo 


Jeri Gogo


Peace be to you 

Paul Roland Gogo